What is the Sepia Bride TikTok Drama? Alexandra Jaye Conder’s Allegations Prompts Reactions From Photographers

A video of renowned TikTok creator Alexandra Jaye Conder has ignited a widespread discussion over the Sepia Bride TikTok drama. The debate started on social media over whether TikToker Alexandra Jaye Conder’s complaint about sepia color change ignited the now-popular debate.

However, some users support Alexandra Jaye Conder’s claims while others believe Conder is just trying to get credit for the Sepia Bride TikTok drama. In a video shared on TikTok, Alexandra Jaye Conder claimed that her wedding photographer’s sepia color grading changed to orange and yellow.

Therefore, Alexandra Jaye Conder is claiming that it was her video that started the full-fledged discussion of the Sepia Bride TikTok drama. But still, some points need some clarification. Let’s take a peek at the allegations and the photographer’s reaction to this matter. Drag down.

What is the Sepia Bride TikTok Drama?

TikTok content creator Alexandra Jaye Conder complained about her wedding photos, which eventually ignited widespread discussion and debate on social media.

The Sepia Bride TikTok drama started when TikToker Alexandra Jaye Conder posted a video in which she claimed that the photographer of her wedding, turned everything orange and yellow with sepia color grading. The TikToker demanded the raw files of her marriage from her wedding photographer, Han who charged her $4000 for them.

Han is a professional photographer and he is widely known for his style of emphasizing warm yellow tones. In the TikTok video in which Alexandra Jaye Conder complained about the photographer, she claimed that photographs from her wedding reception and rehearsal dinner were good but the actual wedding day photographs were not top-notch as overcast conditions affected the natural light appropriate for the photography and impacted the warm tone-leaning effect which TikToker did not like at all.

However, it is also said that Hen also re-edited the wedding photographs but still Conder was not satisfied, prompting her to ask for raw files for which Hen charged $4000.

Photographer vs. TikToker: Sepia Bride Dispute Grips Online Community

Meanwhile, a debate has occurred on TikTok over the sepia color change issue, prompting professional photographers to react to this matter and share their professional opinions.

Hudson Valley NY Wedding Photo stated that all the photos of Alexandra Jaye Conder are gorgeous and the editing was also consistent. There is only a lighting and background difference which affected the final result. He also claimed that no photo can look the same in different light and weather conditions.

One more professional photographer came to the fore to share her professional opinion, Asia Christine stated that she has 11 years of experience in the photography field thus she can surely say that the lighting and backgrounds made the photographs look different from the rehearsal photographs.

Editing is so tricky because photographs can look so beautiful in some circumstances but bad in others. To give a true tone to the photographs, photos can be tweaked so they do not warm. Christine also added that the frequent changes in the lighting and weather on the wedding day affected the original photos.

Alexandra Jaye Conder Sparks Controversy Over Sepia Bride Photos

After complaining about the sepia color change, TikTok star Alexandra Jaye Conder shared a video showing the series of her wedding photographs and captioned the clip that all that matters in the end and expressed her gratitude toward everyone who listened to her experience and story.

Alexandra Jaye Conder also promised to not post further anything about this matter because she wants to forget this experience and will only comment on it if the photographer stops sharing her story. TikTok star also added that she would re-do her wedding portraits and end this debate here. Stay tuned.

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