Has The Hawk Tuah Girl Been Fired From Her Job After Her Video Went Viral?

After creating a storm on the internet with just her interview while hanging on the streets of Nashville, the Hawk Tuah girl has once again captivated the attention of the audience due to her alleged fire news. There are some reports on the internet, claiming that the Hawk Tuah girl has been fired from her job.

Firstly, the viral video of the Hawk Tuah girl left everyone curious and excited on the internet regarding the identity of the girl who said Spit On That Thing in the interview and the girl herself became the topic of the town as rumors are circling that she has been fired from her school job after her video went viral on the internet.

However, the Hawk Tuah girl video did not just become viral but it set the internet on fire prompting myriad reactions from the netizens. To address the rumors of the Hawk Tuah girl’s termination from her job, go through the article to the end. Swipe down.

Hailey The Hawk Tuah Girl Fired

After the one-minute clip of two female friends in Nashville went viral on the internet, the Hawk Tuah girl video became a viral sensation on the internet, prompting the audience to search for the identity of the girl.

For several days, it remained a hot burning topic who is the Hawk Tuah girl? However, later several online outlets claimed that Hailey Welch was the viral girl who was seen in the Hawk Tuah video and said Spit On That Thing in the southern accent.

Not to mention, the viral phenomenon also comes with several rumors and stories. One particular story related to the Hawk Tuah girl is that the girl has been fired from her job after her video took the internet by storm.

To clarify if Hawk Tuah Girl or Hailey Welch was fired from her job, we did a blue study and deep research. However, the news of the Hawk Tuah girl getting fired from her job made huge rounds on the internet but still, it remained a subject of scrutiny and verification.

Upon investigating we learned that this particular claim was also not true. Yes, you read that right, Hailey Welch was not fired from her job. For the unversed, it was reported that the girl who became popular as the Hawk Tuah girl was working as a preschool teacher.

TumandDeeTV interviewed random two girls on the streets of Nashville earlier this month and one of them identified as Hailey Welch used the word “Hawk Tuah” to describe spitting. Since then she has been rising in popularity and notoriety.

Meanwhile, Hailey Welch also launched her merchandise which was also promoted by Joe Rogan on his podcast show. Meanwhile, a story shifted everyone’s attention by claiming that the Hawk Tuah girl aka Hailey Welch who was working as a preschool teacher had been fired from her teaching job.

These claims were further fueled by a post claiming students discussing Hailey Welch’s popularity due to her viral video being the reason she was fired from the job.

However, the source that claims the reason for Hailey Welch’s job loss, seems not reliable and credible. The viral post claimed that kids spitting on each other and everything else since they heard their beloved Miss Hailey say ‘spit on that thang’ on YouTube.

They look up to her as a role model and imitate the things that she does. Unfortunately, this type of behavior from one of the faculty members can not be allowed. However, no official post has come up concerning Hailey Welch’s removal as a preschool teacher.

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