You Quiz on the Block: Song Il Kook’s Triplets are grown up

Korean actor Song Il Kook‘s beloved triplets have captivated audiences once more with their recent appearance on “You Quiz on the Block.” The show released new photos revealing just how much Dae han, Min guk, and Man se have grown, delighting fans who have followed their journey from infancy to adolescence.

The triplets, who first stole hearts on the reality show “The Return of Superman,” are now teenagers. Their father, Song Il Kook, shared glimpses of their lives on the latest episode of “You Quiz on the Block,” sparking a wave of nostalgia and admiration from viewers.

All triplets who are all grown up will be returning to the screen for the interview show ‘You Quiz on the Block. Fans are surprised to see that the 12-year-old triplets are almost as tall as their father, while their faces have not changed much.

Fans React to the Triplets’ Transformation

Fans of the show were quick to express their amazement at the triplets’ transformation. Social media was flooded with comments and posts reminiscing about their childhood days and marveling at how much they have grown. The triplets’ growth into well-rounded individuals has not only pleased fans but also made their parents proud.

Song Il Kook Reflects on Fatherhood

In the show, Song Il Kook shared heartfelt reflections on his journey as a father. He expressed immense pride in his sons’ achievements and growth. His anecdotes about the triplets’ childhood and their current endeavors provided a touching narrative that resonated with many viewers.

This much-awaited episode of You Quiz on the Block will be air on July 3, at 8:45 p.m. KST.

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