Red Velvet’s Manager Faces Backlash for Remarks Towards Irene

A recent incident involving the director of the popular K-pop girl group Red Velvet has caused a stir among fans and the general public. The director’s behavior towards Irene, a member of Red Velvet, has been described as rude, raising eyebrows and sparking widespread discussion on social media platforms.

Manager’s Comments Cause Uproar

SM Entertainment released a behind-the-scenes recording of “Cosmic” on June 26, offering fans a glimpse into the song’s creation process.

First, Irene stated that the manager had said that her “face didn’t look great” before she entered the studio. The manager allegedly made disparaging comments to Irene, one of the leading members of the popular K-pop group Red Velvet. These comments, deemed rude and inappropriate, have not only angered fans but also raised concerns about the treatment of artists within the entertainment industry.

The controversy began when a recording of the manager’s comments was leaked online. In the audio clip, the manager can be heard making condescending remarks towards Irene, questioning her professionalism and dedication. The harsh tone and content of the comments quickly led to an outcry on social media platforms.

Public Reaction and Fan Response

Fans of Red Velvet, known collectively as ReVeluvs, have been vocal in their support for Irene. They have flooded social media with messages of solidarity, using hashtags such as #RespectIrene and #SupportRedVelvet. Many fans have also demanded an official apology from the manager and better treatment for the artists.

The public reaction has not been limited to just fans. Industry insiders and fellow artists have also weighed in, expressing their disappointment and calling for a change in how managers interact with their artists. This incident has opened up a broader conversation about the power dynamics within the K-pop industry and the need for more respectful and supportive environments for performers.

Company Response

In response to the backlash, Red Velvet’s management company has issued a statement acknowledging the incident and promising to take appropriate action. They have assured fans that they are investigating the matter thoroughly and will take necessary steps to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

The company has also emphasized its commitment to supporting its artists and ensuring their well-being. They have pledged to review their internal policies and provide additional training for staff to promote a more respectful and positive working environment.

However, the primary cause of fans’ unease stems from Irene’s treatment during the recording session itself. Fans observed that Irene received insufficient direction, resulting in her needing to repeat lines multiple times.

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