MBC’s popular music program, “Show! Music Core,” will not be airing tonight

In a recent announcement, MBC’s popular music program, “Show! Music Core,” will not be airing tonight. The change comes in light of an upcoming Japan special that has taken precedence in the programming schedule. Fans of the show may need to adjust their Saturday plans as the beloved broadcast will be on a temporary hiatus.

Temporary Hiatus Announced

The announcement was made through MBC’s official channels, where they confirmed the temporary hiatus. The network has not provided a specific reason for the break, but reassured viewers that the show will resume its regular broadcast soon.

Viewers Express Mixed Reactions

Fans and regular viewers of “Music Core” expressed mixed reactions on social media. Some were disappointed about missing their favorite performances, while others speculated about the reasons for the unexpected pause. The show, known for featuring top K-pop acts, has a significant following both in South Korea and internationally.

Previous Interruptions

This is not the first time “Music Core” has experienced interruptions. In the past, similar breaks have occurred due to various reasons including special events, national holidays, or unforeseen circumstances. Each time, the show has managed to return, continuing to entertain its loyal audience.

The Japan special is said to feature various cultural and entertainment segments that showcase the rich heritage and modern attractions of Japan. This special aims to strengthen the cultural exchange between Korea and Japan, offering viewers a unique experience.

“Show! Music Core” typically garners a high viewership with its lineup of popular K-pop performances and interviews. The sudden programming shift has left many fans disappointed, but there is anticipation for what the Japan special will offer in return.

According to MBC, the June 29 episode of the weekly music show has been cancelled due to the 2024 midyear special “Music Core in Japan,” which will be filmed this weekend. The two-day special will be held on June 29 and 30 at the Belluna Dome in Japan.

Instead of “Music Core,” MBC will air a rerun of Episode 11 of “Bitter Sweet Hell” at 3:40 p.m. KST.

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