Blackpink Member Jennie Wins Best Actress In An International Series At SEC Awards 2024 of Brazil

The South Korean girls’ group, Blackpink, is celebrating the victory of one of its members Jennie who won the Best Actress In An International Series Award at the SEC Awards Brazil 2024.

Yes, you read that right, Jennie has been conferred with the Best Actress Award at SEC Awards Brazil 2024 for her commendable work in the very popular HBO series “The Idol”. For the unversed, Jennie played the role of Dyanne in the HBO series.

Nevertheless, the dedication and hard work Jennie showed to portray the character of Dyanne in The Idol paid off by earning her recognition across the world. Since Jennie was announced as the winner of Best Actress in an International Series Award at SEC Awards Brazil 2024 for the HBO Series The Idol’s Dyanne, Jennie has been receiving congratulations and best wishes for her bright future from her fans and co-artists.

Jennie’s social media accounts have been flooded with congratulatory posts and messages. In case, you are also scrambling to the web regarding the same, this article still has a lot more to share with you. Take a peek below and learn more. Swipe down.

Blackpink’s Jennie Makes History as Best Actress at SEC Awards Brazil 2024

The Best Actress Award in an International Series Award at Brazil’s SEC Awards 2024, is another milestone Jennie achieved in her career. It won’t be wrong if it is said to be the biggest achievement of her career so far.

She is now recognized as an international actress and has earned notoriety overseas to become a global star. How would you react if we say The Idol was her first acting project? Yes, you read that right, The Idol marked the debut of Jennie in the acting profession.

It was the first time when Jennie portrayed a character in a series or a movie. Meanwhile, the Blackpink member showcased her range of talent by perfectly portraying the role of Dyanne in HBO’s The Idol.

After receiving the Best Actress in an International Series award at the SEC Awards 2024 in Brazil, Jennie has cemented her position in the acting world and proved herself as a multi-talented artist who is exceptional in both the music and acting professions.

Speaking of HBO’s The Idol ratings and reviews, during its premier this series attained an impressive viewership of 913,000 across the world on its first day, making it the most watched show on HBO. Scroll down the page.

The series received a warm response from the audience and garnered immediate popularity to be placed at the top of the online series charts in terms of outperforming other shows on streaming platforms like Netflix and NBC.

The Idol recorded a record-breaking engagement on HBO and triumphed over the superhit series like Wednesday and The Last Of Us which were amongst the two most engaging television shows since 2022.

Meanwhile, The Idol surpassed these series and remained in first place for more than 30 consecutive days and its credit goes to Jennie whose popularity and amazing work as an actor for the first time made the series more special.

The achievement of winning Best Actress in an International Series at the SEC Awards 2024 in Brazil reflects the acceptance of Korean Pop idols in the global entertainment field. In recent times, several K-Pop idols like Jennie entered the entertainment domain to showcase their versatility and talent beyond the music.

The success of Jennie at Brazil’s SEC Awards 2024, may open doors for other K-pop idols to get opportunities to showcase their talent beyond the music and dance stage. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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